Ron Alford

Ron Alford has spent his lifetime helping other people in a crisis. He is a recognized authority on Crisis Management, Disaster Prevention, Risk Management, Disaster Recovery Planning and the Recovery Process.
He founded DISASTER MASTERS in 1980, Clutter Masters in 1998, and Thought Masters in 2000.
Alford is a personal coach, professional speaker and proactive Crisis Management expert.

His 25-year career as the Director of Disaster Masters © and the management of thousands of claims for insurance victims has given him experience and insight which enables him to view people under severe stress, organizations, buildings, contents, in a completely different framework. In 1985 he began helping tenants in NYC whose apartment were loaded with too much stuff thwart legal eviction processes.

With his experience in the field, Alford decided to share his expertise in a number of books that focus on the insurance industry, all of which help consumers plan ahead as well as manage their current insurance policies and claims. His published books which are also available in E-Book Format are: “Car Insurance Secrets”, “How to Win the Insurance Claim Game”, and “The Crime of the Century: Insurance”. He also co-authored the E-Book titled “Master the Clutter” which focuses on disposophobia and hoarding.

Ron Alford’s knowledge is also shared through his many articles listed below:

•Auto Insurance Secrets
•How to Manage your •Disaster Recovery Misery Index
•Disaster Seeds™ Why find and eliminate them.
•Auto Wreck Management Planning
•How to Easily Understand any Insurance Policy
•RFP, The Consumer’s Guide to Get What You Want From Insurance
•Disaster Prevention and Recovery for Small and Medium Companies
•Counter-Terrorism for Consumers Against Big Business with Strategic Media

His many achievements have been featured in print, television, and radio throughout America. Alford has been the focus of major articles in The New York Times, The Daily News, New York Newsday, The New Yorker Magazine,
Good Housekeeping, Home Mechanix, The Philadelphia Enquirer and dozens more.

His TV and Radio appearances include featured spots on “The Early Show” on NBC, “Live with Regis and Kathy Lee”, “Good Day New York” on FOX, MSNBC, Joan Hamburg WOR Radio, and Ben Dover on KFI Radio.


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