“Car Insurance Secrets” is about the tricks and secrets you must know in order to buy the right insurance from the right companies, as well as having a smart recovery plan in place to recover from any mishap quickly and easily. This book is a step by step manual on how to manage your insurance portfolio as well as a Vehicle Accident Management Plan.

Buying car insurance can be as easy as signing a check. Yet, collecting thousands of dollars from an insurer can take months of your time and give you mountains of aggravation when you don’t understand the “Claim Game”. Unfortunately, most people think that insurers are in business to help victims. They are not!

Insurance companies have no financial interest whatsoever in helping you to collect money from them or to have your car repaired quickly or safely by high quality restoration shops. To the contrary, insurers and their Agents use every secret and trick they can to make you buy high priced insurance. Then when you become a victim their only mission is to lower their costs at your expense of MONEY and TIME.

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